Make sure you’re ready for life after lockdown with Landsail Tyres

Over the last 12 months the majority of cars, SUVs and vans in the UK and Ireland have sat unmoved for longer than any other time in history thanks to pandemic lockdowns.

Despite that lack of use, they continue to change and age and you need to carry out a few checks if your vehicle has been sitting idle for long periods to ensure you can drive safely.

The most important thing to look at is your tyres. Sitting for lengthy periods of time in one spot can create weak points, tyre pressure can drop, changing how the vehicle handles and brakes and the changeable weather conditions of the last 12 months may have helped to age tyres.

Lockdown may be tough on tyres, but Landsail has the solution. Our range - the LS188, LS288, LS388, LS588, CLV2 and 4Seasons plus our commercial LSV88 and 4Seasons Van tyre - cover the majority of wheel sizes on UK roads.

In addition, throughout the 2021 lockdown our retailers have remained open and we have continued to supply them as normal to ensure that whenever you need to get back on the road, Landsail is there to keep you safe.

“Tyres often only get checked when a car goes in for its MOT or a service,” said Chris Saunders, Landsail UK Brand Manager.

“But following lockdown it’s really important to make sure your tyres are at the right pressure and in good condition. They are your only point of contact with the road and they are your vehicle’s primary safety feature. 

“Our dedicated national network of Landsail retailers have remained open during lockdown to ensure that - primarily - keyworkers can continue to travel safely but they are also ready when everyone begins to come out of lockdown to make sure that every vehicle remains safe on the road, protecting both drivers and pedestrians.”

The Landsail tyre range is designed for drivers. Featuring advanced silica compounds for optimum grip, braking and efficiency plus precision-engineered tread patterns to enhance performance and wet handling, every tyre in the Landsail catalogue is engineered to deliver the right performance for your vehicle.

Find your nearest Landsail dealer at To enquire about becoming a Landsail stockist email or call 08444 93 9000.