Davanti launches elite UHP tyre - Protoura Sport

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Meet Protoura Sport - Davanti’s most advanced car tyre.

Born of decades of engineering expertise, thousands of miles of testing and the most cutting edge tread design and compound formulation, Protoura Sport is built for the love of driving.

“With Protoura Sport, we’ve created a tyre with many new and innovative features,” said Davanti Tyres general manager Peter Cross. “This tyre sets a new bar for responsiveness, handling and performance. It’s at one with the driver.”

Protoura Sport is the first tyre allocated significant development time at Davanti’s new European Development Centre at IDIADA. It has also been submitted to both Dekra and TÜV Süd, outperforming leading brand rivals in a series of scientific performance tests.

Designed for the premium vehicle market, Protoura Sport’s performance and styling place it among the established UHP class-leaders.

“If you love driving, Protoura Sport gives you everything you want from a tyre,” said Ray Collier, Managing Director or independent automotive test organisation TREAD who conducted extensive developmental testing of Protoura Sport.

“In testing this tyre we set a high benchmark. Subjectively we were assessing the dynamic performance of the tyre and how enjoyable the driving experience was.

“We also set a high bar for safety, particularly in high-powered vehicles driving at their full potential. The testing targets were very ambitious, with thresholds set to the same levels expected in OE testing - but Protoura Sport met every challenge. It is a hugely impressive tyre and one any brand would want as its flagship product.”

Built with an enriched rubber compound to offer exceptional grip at high speeds, Protoura Sport has a number of key design features which ensure every drop of control, stability and braking performance is delivered where it is needed instantly.

“Precision-engineered interlocking tread blocks ensure that Protoura Sport maintains steering stability at significant speed when cornering,” said Peter.

“We have also integrated an intelligent water management system. Wide circumferential grooves work in harmony with trapezoid projections to expedite water evacuation and integrated hydro-dynamic dimples into the side of tread block sections which further drive water away from the contact area without any negative impact on dry-weather driving.

“Constricting lateral outer grooves actively dampen sound waves. This enables us to achieve a UHP tyre which is quiet and comfortable, without compromising on performance attributes.”

The new sidewall design features seamless, laser engraved elements with a stunning ultra-black effect. In other words, Protoura Sport looks as good as it drives.

“Protoura Sport is the most advanced tyre that we have ever produced,” said Peter. “We set out to create a truly elite UHP tyre and, having subjected it to intensive development at our European Development Centre and then validating and further benchmarking our findings with independent agencies such as TÜV Süd and Dekra, Protoura Sport has excelled throughout.

“Whether you want to unleash the potential of your sports car’s performance , or want an all round UHP tyre to enjoy a summer driving tour, Protoura Sport is the tyre for you.”

Learn more about Protoura Sport at www.Davanti-tyres.com/ProtouraSport.