Bala Town lead a comfortable win against Hawarden Rangers

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This weekend Bala Town lead a comfortable win against Hawarden Rangers in the second round of the JD Welsh Cup. Ending the match with a comfortable 6-1 victory. 

First Half 

Bala Town took their advantage early with a goal within the first 10 minutes setting the tone for the rest of the match.  Jonathan Simpson of Hawarden Rangers makes two fantastic saves keeping them in the game. However, it was short-lived at the 20-minute mark, Adam Roscrow bagged his first goal of the afternoon as he brought the game to 2-0 slipping the ball through the middle of the defence and calmly around the keeper. 

It wasn't much longer until The Town was sat comfortably ahead of Hawarden Rangers,  with Nathan Peate getting a powered header positioning the game at 3-0 at the 25th-minute mark. Just five minutes later Adam Roscrow scores his second goal of the match finishing the first half of the game strongly in The Town's favour at 4-0

Second Half

It takes four minutes into the second half of the match for Adam Roscrow to complete his hat trick as George Newell sent in a low cross into the box, Roscrow translates his efforts into the far corner of the goal. 

In the last 10 minutes, Bala Town has the victory already secured but it didn't stop George Newell from getting his name on the scoresheet with the sixth goal of the afternoon slotting the back in the top of the goal.

Ending the game with yet another goal this time from Thomas Bridges of Hawarden, concluding the game in a 6-1 victory to Bala Town.