Bala Towns’ Mendes & Co Put Three Past Newton A.F.C

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A strong result and a great start to the bank holiday weekend for Davanti-backed Bala Town as they secured a 3-0 win against Newtown A.F.C thanks to Edwards, Shannon, and Mendes.

Despite the first portion of the game being dominated by Newtown, David Edwards pushed the game in Bala Towns' favour in the 30th minute. Two minutes later, Ollie Shannon scored with a well-aimed shot over Newtown's defence, securing a solid lead for the team in the first half. 

With the second half underway, Newtown is seeking to climb out of the deficit made at the end of the first half, but thanks to some strong defending from Nathan Peate, he prevents what looked to be a clear shot on goal. Later another close call from Aaron Williams, who was inches from bringing his side back into the game, with a header two yards out. 

Finally sealing Bala Town's victory Lassana Nalatche Mendes in the 62nd minute, received a cross-in from Naim Arsan, who confidently controlled the ball into the net, extinguishing Newtown's chances of a comeback with the game then finishing with a 3-0 victory for Bala Town. 

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