Oak Tyres Offsets 1,000 Tonnes Of CO2 With Ecologi

We have joined forces with environmental organisation Ecologi to offset the carbon emissions produced by our van fleet as we take our first steps  to becoming the first climate positive tyre wholesaler. 

Since the partnership began in Q4 of 2021, we have offset 1,000 tonnes of carbon, with over 16,000 trees planted and multiple international projects being supported by the investment. 

So far, we have contributed to the creation of a small-scale wind farm in Rajasthan, India, creating jobs for the local economy as well as helping reduce carbon emissions in the area thanks to sustainable and clean energy production, resulting in 800 tonnes of carbon being offset.

We have also supported the protection of lowland peat forests in Indonesia, ensuring  the ecosystem that absorbs more carbon than any other isn’t being destroyed. Peatland covers just 3% of the world, with the peatlands of Indonesia and their neighbours, Malaysia, being able to absorb 70 coal plants worth of emissions, which is half of all the emissions from Europe’s coal industry. 

This first major milestone on our journey to offsetting the emissions of our vehicle fleet is a sign of things to come, with the goal being to hit 3,000 tonnes by the end of 2022.

Speaking back in November, Oak Tyres’ Commercial Manager Peter Cross commented on the emissions created by the vehicle fleet: “Around 97% of Oak’s carbon emissions annually come from our delivery vehicles.

“We are currently exploring viable green alternatives but we are also working closely with Ecologi to invest in key projects to offset the carbon we produce in a meaningful way.”

Our long term goal will be to create our own virtual forest, displayed on the website, that reflects the amount of trees that have been planted by Ecologi on our behalf, with the amount of trees increasing every month to help protect ecosystems and help reverse climate change in the long run. 

Ecologi provides fun ways to check up on your activities on their website. Progress is monitored and rewarded with badges, with Oak already picking up all of the badges available for hitting 1,000 tonnes of carbon being offset, and five badges for hitting a milestone of 10,000 trees planted. 

Follow our carbon positive journey online at ecologi.com/oaktyres.

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