- Becoming climate positive

We’re Embarking On Our Journey To Becoming The First Climate Positive Tyre Wholesaler

For over 40 years, we have been committed to delivering the right tyre, at the right time for the right price, delivering to businesses around the UK and providing them with the best service.

Now the world demands more than just tyres. In a time of climate change, we have partnered with the environmental organisation Ecologi to work towards the goal of being the world’s first climate positive tyre wholesaler.

We will be offsetting the carbon emissions created by our commercial vehicle fleet by working with Ecologi on both the development of forests around the world and investing in projects that will create jobs and fund sustainable energy sources to help the environment, like wind farms in India or peat farming in Thailand. 

Our journey started in August 2021, and we plan to reach the milestone of offsetting 3,000 tonnes of carbon within the first year, which will result in our van fleet becoming ‘climate positive.’ This means that the emissions released into the atmosphere by our vehicle fleet will be less than the carbon that is being offset through Ecologi’s projects. 

With this new partnership, our short-term and long-term plans to become more environmentally conscious and eventually reach climate positive status is more than achievable and the projects that are supported by Oak will be shared on the official channels and the website. 

Follow our climate positive journey online at and visit for the latest news on our initiatives.